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Live Transfer Mortgage Refinance Leads With...

32% Application Rate and 17%
Closing Rates.

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A 100% Contract ratio • That's is 100% exclusive to you • With an average application ratio of 32% • And closing ration of 17%
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Our live transfer mortgage refinance leads are thoroughly verified before you ever pick up the phone. Before you talk to one of our leads, you will know they are qualified based on...
• Their LTV • Their current interest rate • Their credit score
• Their payment history • Their employment
The Math Doesn't Lie
Why are our numbers so strong? Because our lead generation data is super targeted. Before you buy a single mortgage lead, you need to know how that lead was generated... Was the mortgage lead information verified? If the mortgage lead data was not verified, then you are simply buying a list of homeowner names and phone numbers... Which is useless. And it gets worse... Statistics have proven that regular internet mortgage leads result in a dismal 33% contact ratio...
So 2 out of every 3 mortgage leads you buy you never even get in touch with. Change that today with a 100% contact ratio... And start talking to leads that actually want to hear what you have to offer...

"VC Dynamic mortgage leads are unparalleled in the industry. I can say with complete confidence that I have never received leads that were more thoroughly screened. I would highly recommend VC Dynamics."
- Tom Forsythe- Branch Manager, WJ Bradley Newport Beach CA